Brexit Deadline DeJa Vu Or Now Is It Serious Now?

ANOTHER BREXIT DEADLINE APPROACHES This weekend’s informal deadline for a conclusion of UK-EU trade negotiations looks set to be missed. Optimism earlier this week that a deal might be done by the middle of next week has given way to pessimism that the two sides are still far apart on some key issues. The most recent rumours are about the talks now continuing into December. With the deadline for the UK to leave the EU at the end of the year still in place it is realised that any deal has to come in time for it to be ratified by both the EU and UK parliaments. However, what precisely that means for a final deadline date is still uncertain.

The departure of two of the Prime Minister's most influential advisers in very quick succession yesterday and today could also be ominous. This is particularly relevant as both have been key proponents of a Hard Brexit; which, as things stand is much less likely now than it was two weeks ago.

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