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You find your dream retirement property back home. Everything about it is perfect: you can even picture yourself spending the afternoons in the lush garden watching the beautiful African sunset go down. Unfortunately, sending the money is a bit tricky and throws up all sorts of complexities. Shall I use a friend; a family member or transfer money to the builders directly? What if the money doesn’t arrive? Is this even the right time to be buying foreign currency? It happens all too frequently. And sometimes the story ends in misery. 

Now, not only are the existing solutions expensive - they were designed to suit banks and the money transfer companies - not for the customers who use them.

Heritage Pay was created, precisely to solve these kinds of personal - and often complex - real-life problems regarding international money transfers or sending money abroad. We do it using the latest technology; a tried and tested, extensive network of international partners; and a genuine passion to help people. Furthermore, as part of our philanthropic work, 1% of all profits are earmarked for charitable causes in developing countries, through our Corporate Partnership with UNICEF.

The result is a specialist, fast, secure, low cost, and ethical money transfer service to Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe – with extended operating hours that cover business hours in these destinations. After all, life's emergencies never make an appointment.

So, this page isn't "about us" as such. It is about what gets us out of bed every single morning, what we are passionate about, and why we exist. It is our Raison D'être.

Our goal: To be the NO. 1 CHOICE for

money transfers & international payments to Africa.


For 15 years, we've been listening to, and learning from, and serving the needs of people like you. People with a requirement to send money abroad. So we've designed this service; not only to make international money transfers easiest, cheapest and safest.


We've also brought together, other related services - from carefully selected partners - so that  everything you're likely to need is all in one place.  And we're confident that we can deliver a service that is as unique as you. 


Your business has many challenges - finding a payment solution tailored to your business shouldn't be one of them. Whether you are sending money overseas or receiving money from abroad; we can help save you money, do it quicker and do it efficiently.


Furthermore, as part of the Heritage Pay service, you will have access to sophisticated risk management tools that most banks normally reserve for the very large corporate clients

A uniquely Africa-focused money transfer solution

- at world class standard.

Risk management:

it's in our DNA.


All client money is held in secure, segregated accounts at FCA registered institutions; and in compliance with all payment services regulations and anti-money laundering legislation.

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