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Heritage Pay Works

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Raison      D'etre

Heritage Pay was founded on a single mission:

to be the World's Number 1  specialist international payments company for emerging markets.


For too long, existing solutions have not paid enough attention to the rapidly evolving, emerging market economies and the increasingly sophisticated personal needs of émigrés from those nations. Heritage Pay has responded: by building relationships with every single one of our clients; understanding their exact requirements and; delivering their needs. 


We focus on providing market guidance; currency custody and foreign exchange risk management services.  We can offer our services to residents of 54 countries and counting.

We deliver this using the latest technology; an extensive network of international partners; a genuine passion to help people, and a dedication to continuous improvement.


The result is a specialist, fast, secure, low cost, and ethical money transfer service to 185 countries. Our specific focus being China, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Latin America; Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, UAE, Zimbabwe; and many other emerging market destinations. We work extended operating hours to cover business hours in the UK as well as the payment destinations we serve. 


So, this page isn't "about us" as such. It is about you. You are what gets us out of bed every single morning; what we are passionate about; and why we exist - you, are our  Raison  D'être.

Our goal: To be the NO. 1 CHOICE for

money transfers & international payments to Emerging Markets.


Analyzing the data

Your business has many challenges - finding a payment solution tailored to your business should not be one of them. Whether you are sending money overseas or receiving money from clients abroad; we can help save you money, do it quicker and do it efficiently.


Furthermore, as part of the Heritage Pay service, you will have access to sophisticated risk management tools that most banks normally reserve for the very large corporate clients


Business Meeting

For 17 years, we've been listening to; learning from; and serving the needs of people like you. People with a requirement to send money abroad. So we've designed this service; not only to make international money transfers easiest, cheapest and safest.


We have also brought together, other related services - from carefully selected partners - so that everything you are likely to need is all in one place.  And we're confident that we can deliver a service that is as unique as you. 

A uniquely,

Emerging-Markets-focused money transfer solution

- at world class standard.

Risk management:

it's in our DNA.


All client money is held in secure, segregated accounts at FCA registered institutions; and in compliance with all payment services regulations and anti-money laundering legislation.